Getting used to my new body!

The other day I went clothes shopping and I realized that I have not come to terms with my new size.  It took my husband and my Mother in Law reminding me over and over again to buy the right size.  I have gotten used to buying XL, but after trying on lots of clothes… I realized that I need to buy mediums.

I don’t know why this came as such a shock!  I was still a bit nervous buying that size.  Thoughts filled my head!

What if they shrink?

What if I am not comfortable wearing things that are not baggy?

What if I gain weight again?

In the end, I bought the medium shirts.  I hope they don’t shrink.


I Finally Weighed Myself

I was at my In-laws house for Thanksgiving and they had a scale.

I know I have lost weight.  I can tell by the weigh my clothes fit, but I have not actually weighed myself to find out how much weight I have actually lost.  I decided it was about time to find out my actual weight (after Thanksgiving dinner).

Drumroll, please….


Looking back…

I was 115 when I entered college.

I weighed about 130 when I got married.

I was about 135-138 when I got pregnant with my daughter.

And my goal weight was 135 when I started this blog.

8 more pounds to go before I reach my goal!!

It’s funny…

It is funny, but now that I have lost weight and I have to put up my bigger clothes (size 14), I am a bit saddened. As I fold them, I am think about how much I loved those pants or skirt. I am so happy to fit back into some clothes I have not been able to wear since before I had kids, but there is still a little saddness for the clothes that I have been wearing.
I know that seems silly, but it is true.
Has anyone else had these mixed feelings before?

Getting back in my skinny jeans

I don’t know how much weight I have lost, but today was a great day. I pulled down all the pants that I had put up in hopes that I would someday fit into them.
Today I did! I put on my favorite jeans trousers and they fit… better yet they were a bit loose!
I feel like my wardrobe has expanded overnight.
At some point I would love to see what I weigh… but for now I will be happy with the feeling of my skinny jeans.

A moment to share

I have lost about 22 pounds at this point… yay!
I wanted to share this little event.
I was painting and could not find anything to wear that I didn’t mind ruining.
So I decided to dig through the Goodwill box (the one where we stick all the clothes we plan to give to Goodwill but never seem to get there). I found a pair of old shorts that have not fit for years and figured I would just belt them on while I painted. Amazingly enough, they fit. They did not look half bad either.
I was so excited, I ran down and showed my husband. Who did not seem very surprised. In fact he just said “I would have guessed a lot of those clothes probably fit you now… you lost a lot of weight.
Oh well. I am still excited and I was still surprised.

It’s okay to be a quitter

I have decided it is okay to be a quitter.
I have lost weight, but not by doing anything special.
I still love my shake weight and hopefully will begin a regiment of sit ups in the near future.
Alas, due to some changes in lifestyle (ie staying home to be a SAHM) finances are a bit strapped so I had to say good bye to my gym membership and all the fun classes. I am thinking I may just have to take up running (or at least walking).
If you are interested in seeing more of my fun life as a SAHM mom and my quest to be a domestic goddess… check out my new blog.

I am sure I will continue to talk about my quest to reach my pre-baby weight, but it will also enable me to talk about all my other issues (in which there are many).

Just to fill you guys in though…
I am now 152 pounds! So that is something, right?


We just went on a vacation to visit friends in Tampa.  I took a vacation.  Vacations mean not worrying about calories, fat content, or excercise!  Seriously, I have let myself go.  I have not been to the gym in two weeks and have thrown my diet to the wayside.

I do think I followed a Florida sweat diet when I was there though.  On our visit to SeaWorld, I think I easily sweat at least 2 pounds just by walking around in the heat.  When it is hot, I think the world is your sauna.

Now I am contemplating how to start back up.  I got dressed up in gym clothes with the intention of going to the gym…but did not make it. So tomorrow?  Sure I will try tomorrow.  That sounds like a plan.  I do want to apologize to those who do check in…you may have thought I had a tragic accident with Jello or worse- maybe had a run in with a runaway treadmill.  I am back on the horse again and hope to start posting my return to healthy living.