A New Frontier

I have so many friends that rave about colon cleansing and weight loss flushes.  They have sent me links to the ones that they have used (Some of the websites had some truly disgusting pictures as success stories).  So I have been pondering the process and decided that I should try it.  Of course, I am on a budget.  So I head to the local Kroger and check out the aisle for weight loss, and I find one that sounds promising… The 14 day Acai Berry Cleanse (weight loss flush).  How can I go wrong?  IT says I can “flush away pounds of backed-up matter clogging my digestive system”  I was right.  I don’t weigh 175 pounds, at least 5 pounds is backed-up matter in my digestive system.  Even if I don’t shed the pounds from using it, my friends have said I will feel more energetic and my bowel problems will get better.  So, I am taking the plunge.

I am sure that you saw the picture I posted.  I found it on the internet, because even if a thing like that comes out of my rear end, I will not be picking it up and taking a picture of it.  So this is all you will get.  I am a bit nervous about that snake of a thing.  I am grossed out just looking at it, and it turns my stomach to think of what it is going to be like if I have that same result.  You may be wondering why I decided to try it…I figured I should start with the freshest colon I could have (as fresh as a colon can be) before changing my diet.  If there is pounds of a poop snake in there, then I want it out, disgusting or not. Let the 14 days begin!

If you happen upon this site and want to give your two cents on the matter… check out the poll.  


2 thoughts on “A New Frontier

  1. Nikki says:

    This doesn’t freak me out-but I’m guessing it wouldn’t freak out most any mom, because we have seen and had to clean up much worse..My question to you is, are you really going to start this while we are still in school?? I would be terrified that I would need to use the bathroom more than just every 90 minutes, and that’s only if there isn’t any one else that needs to go, since at my school we only have a one stall staff ‘bathroom’ ..
    I would be much more apt to try something like this when I am not at work!

    • I did just start it. So far so good, although I am making a mental inventory of how close I am to the bathrooms each time I go to a different school. I thought about waiting, but I wanted to get a jump start now, because with Memorial Day coming up… the bathing suit is laughing at me.

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