Oh Vices, What a hold you have on me!

Today I thought about my food vices.  I have a lot of them… and I think I had them all today.  I think I will need to monitor that better.  I guess I will say to day was my splurge before the purge.

So here are my weaknesses (food vices that I know will torture me with longing as I limit them).

1. French Fries (especially McDonald’s).  Oh these are such a wonderful treasure.  They are such a weakness for me.  I am like a moth to a flame when it comes to picking these up as I head through the drive thru with the kids.

2.  Dr. Pepper:  I counted up to four cans a day a few weeks ago.  I am trying to limit myself to 1 can a day… but it is hard.

3. McDonald’s Caramel Frapps:  What a delectable wonder!  I enjoyed every drop I had at dinner!

4. Gummy bears:  I love Gold Label Gummy Bears.  Nothing is better than the white and green ones!

5. Movie Theater Popcorn:  I like lots of butter too!  Not worth it without the butter in my book!

If I am going to lose this weight I am going to have to limit these things to just a treat now and then… I am not sure my will power will be able to sustain it!

Although, one more Dr. Pepper won’t hurt tonight.  Tomorrow… only one (I promise).


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