The Hard Day

Days like today are why I am concentrating so hard on staying motivated.  Stress just takes all the energy from me… Stress is how I got to where I am today.

A rough day at work makes me just want to lay around and eat.  Seriously!  What I would not do for a Dr. Pepper.  I stuck to my one Dr. Pepper today and I am tired and a bit bitter.   Oh, and if you added fries… I may become orgasmic. My husband is working on fish sticks for dinner (which are baked and low fat).  I hate fish, but I may try it.  Fish would be good for the diet.  If I can’t do more than one stick, I will probably treat myself to a PB and J.

To top it off, my legs are still sore from the hundred lunges I did the other night in “Butts, Guts, and More.”  Ideally, I would have gone to the gym, but on days like today…that is the last place I want to go. So here is the problem, What to do?

I have three options… Maybe a little Wii Fit or Dance game?  Not really in the mood and my son would freak if I turned off Phineas and Ferb.

A walk?  Slightly more tempting, but not in the mood to change and my skirt would not be the best thing to power walk in.

Shake weight and sit ups?  That sounds like the right fit.  The Shake Weight is a funny story.  My husband sent me a U-Tube Video of the Shake Weight commercial as a joke, he thought that it looked phallic when women used it.  Of course I found the thing at Target, and now it is a fun way to torture him and work out my arms.  It is a pretty funny video and worth a looksie if you have not seen it yet. Here is the link…

Ah, Dynamic Inertia… Make my arms skinny again.

I am also going to do at least 30 sit ups.  A few years ago, 50 sit ups was nothing, but 30 has been enough lately (especially since my stomach muscles are still complaining from the class the other day).


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