A New Day, Thank God it is Saturday!

So, I slept over 12 hours last night!  My husband let me sleep in until…11:30!  I missed my Americanized Kick Boxing class, but sleeping in was wonderful.

A little update on the colon cleanse… Nothing abnormal has happened yet.  I wonder if the poop snake only comes with the ones that involve a fast.  The one I am trying does not involve a fast (I did not think I was ready for that yet), so I am still eating fairly normally.

Not sure if I am dreaming it, but I do think I have lost weight.  When I looked in the mirror, I did not notice the muffin top as much and my stomach appeared a bit flatter… Only the scale will tell the truth.  I plan on weighing myself today and will give the big reveal later.

Overall, Saturdays are wonderful and three day weekends are divine!


2 thoughts on “A New Day, Thank God it is Saturday!

  1. Lauren says:

    So do you like AKB? I am kind of shying away from it due to the class length. What do you think of it as compared to Body Pump and BG&M? BG&M also kicked my tail for like a week so I enjoyed reading that post too 🙂

    • I have never tried AKB, but I want to. When I was in college, I looked into kickboxing, but I never took the leap and did the classes. I think it would be fun to try it now. It is at a good time on a Sat. too. Can sleep in a bit.
      Body Pump is great, but I have actually enjoyed doing strive for weight training more. I am going to hold off on another B,G,and more class until I get a better with sit ups. I was such a tragedy in that class.

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