Drumroll Please…

I weighed myself at the gym today and I have lost 3 pounds.  So my updated weight is 172.  My husband has lost weight too…just joining me in my efforts.

I power-walked 2 miles and did 40 sit ups.  That is it for the day.  It is a 3 day weekend so no working out too hard. hehe  Tomorrow we have a party and it conflicts with body combat so it looks like I need to think of something else to do… since beer and the treats there are surely not on the diet.  That is the trouble with dieting, I hate when people tell me they can’t have something because they are dieting.  I am not talking about if it is for medical reasons or low sodium kinds of diets… I mean the losing weight kinds.  I do not want to be that person so I am trying out the moderation approach.  I should be able to have anything in moderation, right?  I guess we will see what the scale says after this weekend to get a final call on this.

Now I get to take my kids to the pool for their reward for going to the Kidzone without too much complaining (they were mad because they missed pool play).


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