The Fall off the Wagon Hurts…

So I had  my first fall off of the wagon today.  We went to lunch with friends and as we sat down my husband ordered fries.  I thought, that I could have a few but a few turned into quite a bit.  Then the next order he asked for garlic fries… Oh too tempting.  So I fell, I just let myself enjoy the wondrous taste of them.  They were good.  We have not even made it to the party yet, and I am already off the wagon.  Now, to determine if I should hop back on or wait until tomorrow.  Of course there is another party tomorrow.  I am going to try to hop on the wagon again and think moderation.

This is why I have so many problems with structured diets like Weight Watchers and such.  When I start monitoring points or portion sizes, I just rebel.  It is the rebellious nature in me, I guess.  I just cannot stay on track.  So this time, I am really thinking of my weaknesses and trying to structure something that works for me.  One thing I started doing was trying to drink more water.  As I looked in the Family Circle magazine this month, I realized that the water with lemon I am drinking is supposed to help me with cellulite.  What an added bonus!  Yay!


2 thoughts on “The Fall off the Wagon Hurts…

  1. I always think that moderation is way more important than abstinence when it comes to food (of course, some foods are not going to work for some people). I believe eating normal meals and snacks and increasing activity is much more sustainable and your weight will reach it’s intended number.

    I’ve also heard that increasing water and cutting soda (even diet) is a great idea.

    Good luck!

  2. I am not sure about how well I did, but I did do pretty well with soda increase and didn’t gorge on desserts (which is pretty good for me). Tomorrow it will be back to the gym.

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