Strive Time

Today I used a lot of will power.  We took the kids to Burger King on the way to the gym and I held back from ordering fries and a burger.  I was tempted, but in the end I went with the salad.  To top it off, I held back the urge to order the fried chicken on top  and got the grilled chicken instead.  This is a huge feat.  I also need to pat my own back, for also ordering water instead of the soda (I had my soda at lunch).  This is definitely a good sign, usually my will power will falter when I pull up to order, but I withstood.

At the gym, my husband came with me to my Strive class. I really love this class.  It combines cardio with weight training and is upbeat and the energy of all the other participants is great.  One class a week will definitely become part of my routine.  I just leave so happy (who would have believed I would say that).

I definitely think that today is one of those days where I really think I am making progress.


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