My Late Night

It is 1:45 am.  I am still awake and taking a break from working on paperwork.  I thought it would be a good time to talk about a theory I have about why I gained weight this year.  They say that stress can make you heavier (i.e. eating to comfort) or make you skinny (too stressed to eat).  I am the former.  It has taken a great deal of will power not to snack as I worked.  I think that is why so many weight loss sites recommend going to bed early.  Less time awake means less time being tempted to eat.  It is also recommended to go to bed hungry.

I did have a bit to eat when I went to Bunco tonight.  So many tasty treats!  The best treat there was a baked brie!  It was beyond divine and low fat.  The girl who made it promised to share the recipe and I will promise to share it with you guys!  I did not know low fat could taste so good! Of course, I am now paying for my night of dice-rolling and fun by staying up late… It was worth it since I only have to make it through tomorrow and then I can go to sleep early tomorrow night.


3 thoughts on “My Late Night

  1. Eileen says:

    Here is the recipe
    You substitute low fat ingredients and apricot jam!

  2. Michele says:

    Stress can definitely make you heavier or make you skinny. When I’ve had major anxiety, I’ve lost weight. Unfortunately, I’m much more likely to be a comfort eater. There is also a theory that not getting enough sleep (whether or not you eat more) can make you heavier. Given my night owl tendencies, I’m sure it’s contributed to my current weight.

  3. Eileen-I posted it with the changes that she talked to me about that night! Thanks for getting it for me!
    I heard about that study! I may need to find it and read it!

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