Do over

So after my last post, it all went downhill.

Let me first mention that it was a very hot both of the days at the festival. So as I walked around (sweating) I drank one bottle of water and then started stealing sips from my kids sodas.  There is a vendor called Wild Bills that has free refills on sodas so it just made more sense financially (or that is what I told myself).  On Sunday I just gave up and drank soda and lemonade.

On Saturday, the will power was questioned again when we ate at Wasabi.  Moderation was thrown out for the yumminess of sushi, mainly the Volcano roll.  I figure if I was going to throw moderation out at least it was on Sushi.  You all are thinking, not too bad.  I am forgetting the 2 most delicious cupcakes that I had for dessert though.  If you have not tried a “Cakelove” cupcake then you are missing out.  Of course, as I was savoring these delicious little cakes, I did wonder if they were that much better because I have been depriving myself of such wonderful treats.  Even if that is the case, I highly recommend a stop at “Cakelove” if you come across it.

So, I am taking a do over.  I am starting back on track with a weigh in tomorrow and a trip to the gym for Strive.  Sometimes a vacation is a welcome reason to just let go.


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