A new leaf, hopefully!

So I checked out Body Combat tonight.  I really enjoyed the class even though the first half of the class I had to deal with cramps in my feet.  Really, the rest of me did well, but not my feet and they cramped up during the warm up, so I looked like I could not even handle that.  They loosened up about halfway through so I gave a better showing toward the end.  The poor instructor was having a time with the music tonight, and I took it as a blessing from a higher power!  Those little breaks while she messed with the ipod were heavenly… I almost worry that when I go next time I am going to really die.

I checked my weight and I am holding steady at 170! So that was a great surprise (after the margarita I had the other night).  I also felt good this time.  I was not as winded and I had better stamina.  I am starting to feel like I am making a difference with my endurance, which was another nice treat tonight.

I had a bit of time between work and the class, so I picked up 3 diet books.  I am going to check them both out and give reviews soon after I try out some recipes.  The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer cookbook was a real steal at $5!  I also picked up a book I have been looking at for awhile… Cook Yourself Thin.

The last book I picked up because it appears to focus on my biggest problem area… Belly Fat.  It is called Flat Belly Diet.

Now on to conquer the weekend (and birthday cake!)


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