McDonald’s,Working Out, or both?

I had planned on going to Strive, but my friend asked me to go to McDonald’s for a play date.  My kids love play dates with her kids so I did not want them to miss… I love Strive though and I know I will miss it if I go.  Although, I was good through lunch and resisted the urge for yummy food by eating my TV dinner of teriyaki tofu, I did eat 2 extra biscotti at my afternoon meeting.  I really should work off some of the calories.  Isn’t this always the decision… Have fun and not worry about the calories and fat in the food we eat or be good.  Well, I hate being good all the time… Shows in the slow weight loss.  So there is only one choice to make that will make us all happy.

The decision… McDonald’s with a trip to the gym to run or do the elliptical.  See you can have the best of both worlds.


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