Yay for Today!

Saturdays are wonderful anyway… but today has been spectacular! It started off as any other day does, kids waking me up, making breakfast, etc.

We went to a kids activity at Lowe’s and since I was so close to the gym I thought I would get in some time on the elliptical after… I am going to a party with friends later (I knew I would eat and drink things that I probably shouldn’t) so I wanted to get some time in to offset the extra calories I am sure to have.

I decided I should weigh in and I am now 168! Yay!  Two more pounds.  I am so close to my weight before my son.

After the gym, I had to go to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for a triffle I am making for the party tonight.  When I was there I went to pick up my new favorite drink, Method Water.  It is expensive, but I love the mint and without soda, I love having the water bottles to bring with me when I leave for the day. When I was there I found another treasure!  Diet Soda without Nutrasweet!

Many of you may not know that I had to give up Diet Soda.  While pregnant I never had a migraine, so after looking closer to the changes I went though with pregnancy, we realized that I only got migraines when I consumed Nutrasweet.  I tried taking it out of my diet to see if this hypothesis was right.  This lead to drinking regular soda…at the same rate I drank diet soda.  It equaled to at least 10 pounds, but no more headaches.

Well I found a soda called Zevia (only negative is the price 5.99 for 6).  No nutrasweet and wonderfully delicious!  I am now enjoying my soda and smiling.  Today is a good day.


4 thoughts on “Yay for Today!

  1. Nikki says:

    Yay for you!!

  2. I am excited. I also found chocolate ice cream bars that are really low in calories too, with no nutrasweet. I am in heaven.

  3. G says:

    Hooray for you. The number of pounds isn’t as great as the fact that your clothes are fitting better.

    You have inspired me. Iam trying to loose one lb a week so that I can feel better about myself when I attend a reunion this fall. I am using an app for the iPhone that helps me track my weight, calories and exercise. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I think I have that app. Is it “lose it”? Great goal!

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