Sleeping in but not too much lounging

My wonderful husband let me sleep in today!!  Due to the amount of drinking carbohydrates last night, the extra sleep was very appreciated.

I decided that a good Body Combat workout would work off some extra calories so I headed to the gym.  When I got there a nice girl came up to me and asked if I had been to this class before and I replied that I had twice.  She then told me “I love it.  It is so fun.”  So it got me thinking, is there a point I will find working out “fun.”  Right now, I am seeing it as a means to an end, or rather a necessary evil, but “fun” does not describe it to me.  I wonder when that will be that I look forward to working out as a reinforcer for me, like going to the movies or drinking with friends.  Hmm.  I don’t see it.  I do know people that work out everyday, and they seem to like it, but honestly I just figured that the rest of their activities must really be boring.  I have seen the little highs of working out, I really have.  It feels great to pull on pants that used to not fit and have them be a bit loose.  It is nice to go to a class and see familiar faces. It is nice to finally feel like you figured out that complicated combination in body combat class..but fun?  Nah!

So I guess, I will have to wait for this epiphany to hit me one day.  Until it does, I will still trudge to the gym and depend on my friends and the guilt I feel when I have nothing to write on this blog to keep me going.


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