So tempted to try the Pill

I am not talking birth control, but diet pills.  I have always said I would never try diet pills because I don’t want to get stuck on them and I worry that the minute you stop taking them I would blow up like a balloon.  I have to admit I am tempted though.  I saw a commercial for Alli, and I had to research it.   There is a part of me that says “What do you have to lose,” and then there is another part that says “there are no shortcuts, so just keep on keeping on.”  I waver!

Alli is made for people like me…emotional eaters.  I wish I knew someone who tried it and saw good long term effects.  Propaganda can be so biased, and it sounds great, but I have never wanted to be a yoyo dieter so I just worry about that.  Although, I also think that maybe it would be a nice jump start, just to assist me while I get used to the changes in my diet.

I am so wishy-washy.  I guess I just need to sleep on it.


2 thoughts on “So tempted to try the Pill

  1. G says:

    You are doing great! You don’t need a pill, maybe some counseling? Read this article to see what I mean:

  2. I never thought of counseling, but I guess that is why Weight watchers is so popular.
    It is so tempting though, but then again so is liposuction. LOL

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