A little change for the kids

The weather has been very nice here recently so I decided to change it up and take the kids to a playground at a local elementary school.  They enjoyed playing and I rocked out to some Lady Gaga and walk/ran the bus loop.  The best thing about this elementary school is that they have a port a potty, which my kids frequented twice.  After talking to my kids I think we are going to try going back there with their bikes.  That way they can ride their bikes and I can walk without worrying about cars coming.  They also can’t get too far ahead of me.  When they get tired of riding they can take a break to play.  I think it will be a great compromise between my daughter and son.

I love the gym, but sometimes I feel guilty dropping them off all the time.  I love this idea because it encourages them to be outside and active and they can see their mommy being active too.  My son joined me for one lap and took one of the ear buds and sang. I love doing things with my kids.  P.S. This excursion also gave dad a break from the kids to watch World Cup in peace.


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