False start

So my husband told me that the gym was not open last night, and I believed him… It was open. He must have read the calendar wrong (or he just did not feel like going).  Oh well, right.  I watched Harry Potter instead and vegged on the couch.  I was really hungry yesterday.  It took a lot of will power to not eat the day away.  When I am bored, I want to eat.  I guess you can call it a boredom eater.  I did pretty good resisting the urge, but I went to bed hungry and slept terribly.  I am only a bit exhausted today… okay, I am a lot exhausted. 🙂

Today I will make it to the gym.  I think I am just going to do the elliptical and treadmill, but it will be something.  I am starting to fall out of routine, and it is taking a bit of effort to get myself going.  I also need to do the weigh in. I look forward to seeing any change in weight, be it good or bad.  I was thinking I feel like I have not gained any weight, but only the scale can tell, so I am interested in what it will say.


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