Even my body has decided to keep me in line.

Today I went to one of my favorite restaurants.  It has fried pickles, and who could not love that!  Anyways, my body has decided it does not like fried food as much as it used to.  Since I had my gall bladder removed it has not liked fried food, but today it was mad.  I have been having a bit of withdrawal from my favorite beverage too…  Dr. Pepper.  I would think that I would be over that, but no.  Dr. Pepper calls.  The Dr. wants me to drink more than just one every day or so… It wants to come live in my fridge again.  So far I have resisted the urge, taking a limeade instead of a Dr. Pepper at lunch, but the Doctor is strong.

I have been slack in the exercise department as well.  I planned on hitting the gym not only yesterday, but today as well.  Both times I failed to go.  I thought that summer would be easier for me to implement the change in diet and routine, but it has proven harder in some ways.  My routine is off and I have not managed to get a solid routine in place.  Ugh!


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