It’s okay to be a quitter

I have decided it is okay to be a quitter.
I have lost weight, but not by doing anything special.
I still love my shake weight and hopefully will begin a regiment of sit ups in the near future.
Alas, due to some changes in lifestyle (ie staying home to be a SAHM) finances are a bit strapped so I had to say good bye to my gym membership and all the fun classes. I am thinking I may just have to take up running (or at least walking).
If you are interested in seeing more of my fun life as a SAHM mom and my quest to be a domestic goddess… check out my new blog.

I am sure I will continue to talk about my quest to reach my pre-baby weight, but it will also enable me to talk about all my other issues (in which there are many).

Just to fill you guys in though…
I am now 152 pounds! So that is something, right?


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