I Finally Weighed Myself

I was at my In-laws house for Thanksgiving and they had a scale.

I know I have lost weight.  I can tell by the weigh my clothes fit, but I have not actually weighed myself to find out how much weight I have actually lost.  I decided it was about time to find out my actual weight (after Thanksgiving dinner).

Drumroll, please….


Looking back…

I was 115 when I entered college.

I weighed about 130 when I got married.

I was about 135-138 when I got pregnant with my daughter.

And my goal weight was 135 when I started this blog.

8 more pounds to go before I reach my goal!!


7 thoughts on “I Finally Weighed Myself

  1. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on inspiredweightloss.

  2. Congrats to you. That’s great!

    • It is nice,except since Christmas is around the corner I don’t want to spend any money on new clothes… so I wear baggy stuff most days. The girls made fun of my baggy jeans tonight at bunco. There are worse problems in the world, right?

  3. Great Job DGIT! I read your weight loss statistics, great continual progress! Do you run? I see you have only a few more pounds to go but are hitting the toughest part of the year to even maintain a healthy weight let alone lose weight. So good luck! I set my sights on doing a 1/2 marathon in Feb. so the training for it burns off all that crap and excess we somehow seem to indulge in. Keep up your good job!

    Domestic God In Training

    • Really, the weight loss came by changing my diet. Pounds really started flying off once I quit work and could not afford to eat out so much. I need to work on toning more though. We gave up our gym membership when I left work and now I have to get myself motivated to walk or run.

  4. Charity says:

    AWESOME!!! I have been working to lose some weight to; goal is 125- pre baby weight. My “baby” is now 6 so its hard to still blame it on baby weight- smile. Have been Zumba for about 6 months and have about 5lbs to go. Not only am I losing the weight but it tones too so no loose flab shaking all around. 🙂

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