Getting used to my new body!

The other day I went clothes shopping and I realized that I have not come to terms with my new size.  It took my husband and my Mother in Law reminding me over and over again to buy the right size.  I have gotten used to buying XL, but after trying on lots of clothes… I realized that I need to buy mediums.

I don’t know why this came as such a shock!  I was still a bit nervous buying that size.  Thoughts filled my head!

What if they shrink?

What if I am not comfortable wearing things that are not baggy?

What if I gain weight again?

In the end, I bought the medium shirts.  I hope they don’t shrink.


9 thoughts on “Getting used to my new body!

  1. Think of new outfits as a reward for doing well and the motivation for staying fit. If you hit a plateau, don’t let that stop you as it’s normal to have these pauses. Also have a goal to when to stop losings as hitting a healthy goal and maintaining that is the true success.

  2. Amen S. Lion! Reward your self for the sacrifices and the hard work. Buy a new outfit you love in a size smaller than you wear to work towards it. And always take time to sit back and reflect on where you have come from and what an awesome job you have done! Not many people do these things! You rock!

  3. bschooled says:

    Congratulations on the weight loss! I know how you feel, growing up I was heavy and it wasn’t until my early twenties that I finally lost the weight. Even though it’s been ten years, I still lean toward the bigger sizes. And when I go to the beach, I actually have to talk myself into taking off my shirt and wearing my bikini. It’s like no matter how hard I try to ignore her, the fat kid inside me won’t go away.

    • I think it is going to take me a while to get comfortable with my body again. It is funny because growing up I was the awkwardly too skinny girl with the boyish figure and so I hid myself under T-shirts and skirts. I was so excited to gain a bit of weight and some curves but I always gravitated towards baggy clothes (I loved it when the grunge look was in fashion). I don’t think there was a time in my life that I felt good in a bikini. Maybe someday… or maybe I will always just feel awkward when I am not covered up. Who knows.

  4. But feel good you have choices now. You can wear whatever you want to wear because of getting fit & healthy again. Cover up or show it off, the choice is yours. Be happy with that. Be confident that any ‘look’ will look good on you. Feel good about that! You have earned It!

  5. susielindau says:

    Fantastic! I have been overweight 3 times. Once after partying in college and with two pregnancies. I loved going down in size, but I always cut back on portions if the new clothes got tight.
    Congratulations! That is awesome!

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