It’s funny…

It is funny, but now that I have lost weight and I have to put up my bigger clothes (size 14), I am a bit saddened. As I fold them, I am think about how much I loved those pants or skirt. I am so happy to fit back into some clothes I have not been able to wear since before I had kids, but there is still a little saddness for the clothes that I have been wearing.
I know that seems silly, but it is true.
Has anyone else had these mixed feelings before?


Plans for the gym derailed by Jello

I had plans to do the elliptical at the gym today, but the great Jello incident has put them on the back burner.  Instead I am doing a whole house cleaning.  I decided to get dressed and take a shower after lunch and the kids had Jello for dessert.  Usually, the kids are pretty good with eating their Jello at the table, but today my son thought it would be a good idea to eat it in the family room.  So far, this does not sound like a story that will end in tragedy, but it does.  The Jello died a sad death in the family room.  I think it must have fought for its life since it was everywhere; smeared on the hardwoods, smashed on the rug, and even slaughtered on the couch.  So today, I am cleaning.  The kids are cleaning…to get the point across.   So the gym can wait, and I just have to hope that this hardcore cleaning will burn some calories.

A new day, new resolution.

Okay, I weighed myself again and I am back at 170.  Not too bad, considering that I have not been good about my diet or exercise.  I decided I need to get back on track.

So it is a new day and and a new resolve.

On another note… Strive was good last night although the teacher was in a push ups kick.  We did a lot of push up and this hover thing that I was really bad at.  Not much cardio last night though.

A plea from my husband

Tonight was a grueling Strive.  Only 10 people meant that we did three settings on each machine and had time for 3 cardio sessions.  It killed my poor husband!  I thought it was great.  Really felt the workout tonight!  So here is my husband’s plea to me “Can’t you get some of your mom friends to join us so there will be more people!”

There you have it.  My husband would be very grateful to anyone who wants to join us for Strive.  He usually goes on Wednesdays at 7:00 with me so that would be a preferred time for him.  Here is a cute cat picture…to pull at your heartstrings.

A little change for the kids

The weather has been very nice here recently so I decided to change it up and take the kids to a playground at a local elementary school.  They enjoyed playing and I rocked out to some Lady Gaga and walk/ran the bus loop.  The best thing about this elementary school is that they have a port a potty, which my kids frequented twice.  After talking to my kids I think we are going to try going back there with their bikes.  That way they can ride their bikes and I can walk without worrying about cars coming.  They also can’t get too far ahead of me.  When they get tired of riding they can take a break to play.  I think it will be a great compromise between my daughter and son.

I love the gym, but sometimes I feel guilty dropping them off all the time.  I love this idea because it encourages them to be outside and active and they can see their mommy being active too.  My son joined me for one lap and took one of the ear buds and sang. I love doing things with my kids.  P.S. This excursion also gave dad a break from the kids to watch World Cup in peace.

Cleaning out the fridge and pantry

Being at home makes me realize how much junk food we have in this house.  Today I am cleaning it out then heading to the store to pick up some healthier choices.  I don’t think I am the one that is buying it, but who knows right?  Seeing the bad stuff leave the house feels good and will hopefully help me slim down the snacking!

Of course, it is a slow process because my kids are having a hard time getting along.  Oh, the life of a mom!  Tonight I hoped to get to the gym, but I planned a mom’s night out with some friends and I am thinking I am not going to make it there during the day.  I guess I have to squeeze some gym time in tomorrow.  Although, I am not sure where.

It is a lot harder to stick to a schedule during the summer time than I thought!

Yay for Today!

Saturdays are wonderful anyway… but today has been spectacular! It started off as any other day does, kids waking me up, making breakfast, etc.

We went to a kids activity at Lowe’s and since I was so close to the gym I thought I would get in some time on the elliptical after… I am going to a party with friends later (I knew I would eat and drink things that I probably shouldn’t) so I wanted to get some time in to offset the extra calories I am sure to have.

I decided I should weigh in and I am now 168! Yay!  Two more pounds.  I am so close to my weight before my son.

After the gym, I had to go to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for a triffle I am making for the party tonight.  When I was there I went to pick up my new favorite drink, Method Water.  It is expensive, but I love the mint and without soda, I love having the water bottles to bring with me when I leave for the day. When I was there I found another treasure!  Diet Soda without Nutrasweet!

Many of you may not know that I had to give up Diet Soda.  While pregnant I never had a migraine, so after looking closer to the changes I went though with pregnancy, we realized that I only got migraines when I consumed Nutrasweet.  I tried taking it out of my diet to see if this hypothesis was right.  This lead to drinking regular soda…at the same rate I drank diet soda.  It equaled to at least 10 pounds, but no more headaches.

Well I found a soda called Zevia (only negative is the price 5.99 for 6).  No nutrasweet and wonderfully delicious!  I am now enjoying my soda and smiling.  Today is a good day.