We just went on a vacation to visit friends in Tampa.  I took a vacation.  Vacations mean not worrying about calories, fat content, or excercise!  Seriously, I have let myself go.  I have not been to the gym in two weeks and have thrown my diet to the wayside.

I do think I followed a Florida sweat diet when I was there though.  On our visit to SeaWorld, I think I easily sweat at least 2 pounds just by walking around in the heat.  When it is hot, I think the world is your sauna.

Now I am contemplating how to start back up.  I got dressed up in gym clothes with the intention of going to the gym…but did not make it. So tomorrow?  Sure I will try tomorrow.  That sounds like a plan.  I do want to apologize to those who do check in…you may have thought I had a tragic accident with Jello or worse- maybe had a run in with a runaway treadmill.  I am back on the horse again and hope to start posting my return to healthy living.


Even my body has decided to keep me in line.

Today I went to one of my favorite restaurants.  It has fried pickles, and who could not love that!  Anyways, my body has decided it does not like fried food as much as it used to.  Since I had my gall bladder removed it has not liked fried food, but today it was mad.  I have been having a bit of withdrawal from my favorite beverage too…  Dr. Pepper.  I would think that I would be over that, but no.  Dr. Pepper calls.  The Dr. wants me to drink more than just one every day or so… It wants to come live in my fridge again.  So far I have resisted the urge, taking a limeade instead of a Dr. Pepper at lunch, but the Doctor is strong.

I have been slack in the exercise department as well.  I planned on hitting the gym not only yesterday, but today as well.  Both times I failed to go.  I thought that summer would be easier for me to implement the change in diet and routine, but it has proven harder in some ways.  My routine is off and I have not managed to get a solid routine in place.  Ugh!

While the hubby is away…

the wife will eat.  Or at least it feels like that is the case.  My husband left yesterday and I went out to  lunch, ate popcorn at the movies, went out to dinner (although I did think it was not too fatty of a dinner choice) at Noodle Company, had McDonald’s for lunch, and had a bit of cake at a birthday party.  I have not made it to the gym, but will probably go tomorrow, just for the little break from the kids.  They have been wonderful, but I think a little fun at the kid zone will not be a bad thing.

I thought about Pizza for dinner, but looking at the list above I should probably cook something healthy, right?

Confessions of the weekend of July 4th

We had a wonderful July 4th weekend.  Lots of fun with the kids, that included 2 really cool fireworks displays.  The food was great and I did go a little overboard.  I did drink a lot of water vs. soda (yay) but I also had cakes and pudding…lots of sweets.  A pot luck of sweets is just too much for this sweet tooth to take.  Red Velvet cake is my kryptonite.  Both parties had some variety of Red Velvet Cake for me.  The color suggests that it is the devil, right?  I can say I have done well at home though, no red velvet devil trying to sneak me cake.

I have not worked out either, I figure if I am going down why not enjoy the ride.  So today will be my first day back at the gym since the weekend.  I am going to do a weigh in tonight and see if I have set myself back.  Until then we are having a lazy day, I am finding myself a bit bored, but not sure what I am in the mood to do.  It is hot outside, so not in the mood to walk or work in the yard.  Thinking I may just have to go somewhere soon though. I hate being antsy like this.

Getting back to my Routine

““““““““`0000000========================================================================== (my cat’s thoughts on working out!)

I missed Strive both times it was offered at night last week, so I got back into my routine tonight (going late to bunco).  It was a small class so Patti, the instructor, plotted to kill me with two stations of ab work. Yes, I truly believe that was a punishment.  Especially, when she stood over me and told me that I needed to go all the way up!  I told her that my babies ruined my abs, but she did not let me make excuses.  By the way, Nikki she asked about you.  I think you need to come with me next Monday!

I was a bit relaxed on the diet today.  I don’t think Wild Cherry Pepsi slurpies and gelato are part of the diet.  I also keep forgetting to eat breakfast.  Tomorrow I am going to try to be better.  I swear!

Father’s Day Weekend

So I took a bit of a break as I went out of town for father’s day!  It is too hard to stick to a diet at my in-laws.  They are too good of cooks to pass up on the food they prepare!    I mean you cannot pass up the eggs, potatoes and veggie farmer’s breakfast or the delicious Filet that was served for lunch today.  It was far to hot to run there too, so I just swam with my kids.  I will get back to my usual schedule tomorrow.

Tomorrow my co-worker and I are hitting body flow.  It has been a long time since I tried this class out, but I do remember pain after it so I guess I will see.  I will be skipping Strive for the 1st time since I started working out.  I am a bit sad to miss since it has become such a routine to see the people in the class, but at least I will be excerising tomorrow so at least I won’t feel guilty.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day!

Do over

So after my last post, it all went downhill.

Let me first mention that it was a very hot both of the days at the festival. So as I walked around (sweating) I drank one bottle of water and then started stealing sips from my kids sodas.  There is a vendor called Wild Bills that has free refills on sodas so it just made more sense financially (or that is what I told myself).  On Sunday I just gave up and drank soda and lemonade.

On Saturday, the will power was questioned again when we ate at Wasabi.  Moderation was thrown out for the yumminess of sushi, mainly the Volcano roll.  I figure if I was going to throw moderation out at least it was on Sushi.  You all are thinking, not too bad.  I am forgetting the 2 most delicious cupcakes that I had for dessert though.  If you have not tried a “Cakelove” cupcake then you are missing out.  Of course, as I was savoring these delicious little cakes, I did wonder if they were that much better because I have been depriving myself of such wonderful treats.  Even if that is the case, I highly recommend a stop at “Cakelove” if you come across it.

So, I am taking a do over.  I am starting back on track with a weigh in tomorrow and a trip to the gym for Strive.  Sometimes a vacation is a welcome reason to just let go.