A moment to share

I have lost about 22 pounds at this point… yay!
I wanted to share this little event.
I was painting and could not find anything to wear that I didn’t mind ruining.
So I decided to dig through the Goodwill box (the one where we stick all the clothes we plan to give to Goodwill but never seem to get there). I found a pair of old shorts that have not fit for years and figured I would just belt them on while I painted. Amazingly enough, they fit. They did not look half bad either.
I was so excited, I ran down and showed my husband. Who did not seem very surprised. In fact he just said “I would have guessed a lot of those clothes probably fit you now… you lost a lot of weight.
Oh well. I am still excited and I was still surprised.


It’s okay to be a quitter

I have decided it is okay to be a quitter.
I have lost weight, but not by doing anything special.
I still love my shake weight and hopefully will begin a regiment of sit ups in the near future.
Alas, due to some changes in lifestyle (ie staying home to be a SAHM) finances are a bit strapped so I had to say good bye to my gym membership and all the fun classes. I am thinking I may just have to take up running (or at least walking).
If you are interested in seeing more of my fun life as a SAHM mom and my quest to be a domestic goddess… check out my new blog.

I am sure I will continue to talk about my quest to reach my pre-baby weight, but it will also enable me to talk about all my other issues (in which there are many).

Just to fill you guys in though…
I am now 152 pounds! So that is something, right?

Plans for the gym derailed by Jello

I had plans to do the elliptical at the gym today, but the great Jello incident has put them on the back burner.  Instead I am doing a whole house cleaning.  I decided to get dressed and take a shower after lunch and the kids had Jello for dessert.  Usually, the kids are pretty good with eating their Jello at the table, but today my son thought it would be a good idea to eat it in the family room.  So far, this does not sound like a story that will end in tragedy, but it does.  The Jello died a sad death in the family room.  I think it must have fought for its life since it was everywhere; smeared on the hardwoods, smashed on the rug, and even slaughtered on the couch.  So today, I am cleaning.  The kids are cleaning…to get the point across.   So the gym can wait, and I just have to hope that this hardcore cleaning will burn some calories.

Greek Yogurt

I have discovered Greek yogurt and I love it!  I cannot believe it has zero fat and is so creamy and delicious.  Of course there is a bit of sugar in it, but still I feel the extra protein that it has makes up for it!   Definitely give it a try, if you like yogurt!

It has become my breakfast everyday!  I have tried all of the varieties and found that I like Yoplait’s the best.  Although, they were all good.  I am just a blended yogurt kind of girl and the others have fruit in the bottom.

Today, I am planning on hitting Strive at the gym, although it is a little late and I am guessing that if we go to the beach tomorrow that it will be an early morning for us.

False start

So my husband told me that the gym was not open last night, and I believed him… It was open. He must have read the calendar wrong (or he just did not feel like going).  Oh well, right.  I watched Harry Potter instead and vegged on the couch.  I was really hungry yesterday.  It took a lot of will power to not eat the day away.  When I am bored, I want to eat.  I guess you can call it a boredom eater.  I did pretty good resisting the urge, but I went to bed hungry and slept terribly.  I am only a bit exhausted today… okay, I am a lot exhausted. 🙂

Today I will make it to the gym.  I think I am just going to do the elliptical and treadmill, but it will be something.  I am starting to fall out of routine, and it is taking a bit of effort to get myself going.  I also need to do the weigh in. I look forward to seeing any change in weight, be it good or bad.  I was thinking I feel like I have not gained any weight, but only the scale can tell, so I am interested in what it will say.

4th of July Potluck

Today we are going to a 4th of July party and we are bringing Thai Peanut Slaw from our Flat Belly Cookbook.  It is delicious.  I can’t wait to see what others think though.  Sometimes, I think that the food I am eating is tasting better, because I am getting used to it.  It was a really quick recipe so it was a great choice for a potluck.

I know tonight I will fall off the wagon a bit, but I am going to try and eat my share of the slaw and try to keep to 1 beer and 1 glass of soda.  I think that is a pretty lofty goal.

I will check in and tell you how I did.  Feel free to comment your bets on whether I am swayed to the darkside.

So tempted to try the Pill

I am not talking birth control, but diet pills.  I have always said I would never try diet pills because I don’t want to get stuck on them and I worry that the minute you stop taking them I would blow up like a balloon.  I have to admit I am tempted though.  I saw a commercial for Alli, and I had to research it.   There is a part of me that says “What do you have to lose,” and then there is another part that says “there are no shortcuts, so just keep on keeping on.”  I waver!

Alli is made for people like me…emotional eaters.  I wish I knew someone who tried it and saw good long term effects.  Propaganda can be so biased, and it sounds great, but I have never wanted to be a yoyo dieter so I just worry about that.  Although, I also think that maybe it would be a nice jump start, just to assist me while I get used to the changes in my diet.

I am so wishy-washy.  I guess I just need to sleep on it.