Plans for the gym derailed by Jello

I had plans to do the elliptical at the gym today, but the great Jello incident has put them on the back burner.  Instead I am doing a whole house cleaning.  I decided to get dressed and take a shower after lunch and the kids had Jello for dessert.  Usually, the kids are pretty good with eating their Jello at the table, but today my son thought it would be a good idea to eat it in the family room.  So far, this does not sound like a story that will end in tragedy, but it does.  The Jello died a sad death in the family room.  I think it must have fought for its life since it was everywhere; smeared on the hardwoods, smashed on the rug, and even slaughtered on the couch.  So today, I am cleaning.  The kids are cleaning…to get the point across.   So the gym can wait, and I just have to hope that this hardcore cleaning will burn some calories.


A new day, new resolution.

Okay, I weighed myself again and I am back at 170.  Not too bad, considering that I have not been good about my diet or exercise.  I decided I need to get back on track.

So it is a new day and and a new resolve.

On another note… Strive was good last night although the teacher was in a push ups kick.  We did a lot of push up and this hover thing that I was really bad at.  Not much cardio last night though.

Even my body has decided to keep me in line.

Today I went to one of my favorite restaurants.  It has fried pickles, and who could not love that!  Anyways, my body has decided it does not like fried food as much as it used to.  Since I had my gall bladder removed it has not liked fried food, but today it was mad.  I have been having a bit of withdrawal from my favorite beverage too…  Dr. Pepper.  I would think that I would be over that, but no.  Dr. Pepper calls.  The Dr. wants me to drink more than just one every day or so… It wants to come live in my fridge again.  So far I have resisted the urge, taking a limeade instead of a Dr. Pepper at lunch, but the Doctor is strong.

I have been slack in the exercise department as well.  I planned on hitting the gym not only yesterday, but today as well.  Both times I failed to go.  I thought that summer would be easier for me to implement the change in diet and routine, but it has proven harder in some ways.  My routine is off and I have not managed to get a solid routine in place.  Ugh!

While the hubby is away…

the wife will eat.  Or at least it feels like that is the case.  My husband left yesterday and I went out to  lunch, ate popcorn at the movies, went out to dinner (although I did think it was not too fatty of a dinner choice) at Noodle Company, had McDonald’s for lunch, and had a bit of cake at a birthday party.  I have not made it to the gym, but will probably go tomorrow, just for the little break from the kids.  They have been wonderful, but I think a little fun at the kid zone will not be a bad thing.

I thought about Pizza for dinner, but looking at the list above I should probably cook something healthy, right?

A plea from my husband

Tonight was a grueling Strive.  Only 10 people meant that we did three settings on each machine and had time for 3 cardio sessions.  It killed my poor husband!  I thought it was great.  Really felt the workout tonight!  So here is my husband’s plea to me “Can’t you get some of your mom friends to join us so there will be more people!”

There you have it.  My husband would be very grateful to anyone who wants to join us for Strive.  He usually goes on Wednesdays at 7:00 with me so that would be a preferred time for him.  Here is a cute cat picture…to pull at your heartstrings.

Greek Yogurt

I have discovered Greek yogurt and I love it!  I cannot believe it has zero fat and is so creamy and delicious.  Of course there is a bit of sugar in it, but still I feel the extra protein that it has makes up for it!   Definitely give it a try, if you like yogurt!

It has become my breakfast everyday!  I have tried all of the varieties and found that I like Yoplait’s the best.  Although, they were all good.  I am just a blended yogurt kind of girl and the others have fruit in the bottom.

Today, I am planning on hitting Strive at the gym, although it is a little late and I am guessing that if we go to the beach tomorrow that it will be an early morning for us.

Being tired and working out don’t mix

I made it to the gym, but was so tired I only made it on the elliptical for 1/2 hour.  Today working out was a challenge, and I could not believe that each time I looked at the clock it seemed like no time had passed.  It would seem that one should not work out when completely exhausted.  To many of you, this may seem like common sense, but I honestly thought it would be a good idea.  Since I had skipped the gym for the last 4 days, I thought it was only practical to get there today.  Alas, I will be going to bed shortly after this post to get a good amount of sleep.

The weigh in was pretty good, still 168.  So a little bit of a loss and no gain.  After this weekend, I will take it!