A new leaf, hopefully!

So I checked out Body Combat tonight.  I really enjoyed the class even though the first half of the class I had to deal with cramps in my feet.  Really, the rest of me did well, but not my feet and they cramped up during the warm up, so I looked like I could not even handle that.  They loosened up about halfway through so I gave a better showing toward the end.  The poor instructor was having a time with the music tonight, and I took it as a blessing from a higher power!  Those little breaks while she messed with the ipod were heavenly… I almost worry that when I go next time I am going to really die.

I checked my weight and I am holding steady at 170! So that was a great surprise (after the margarita I had the other night).  I also felt good this time.  I was not as winded and I had better stamina.  I am starting to feel like I am making a difference with my endurance, which was another nice treat tonight.

I had a bit of time between work and the class, so I picked up 3 diet books.  I am going to check them both out and give reviews soon after I try out some recipes.  The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer cookbook was a real steal at $5!  I also picked up a book I have been looking at for awhile… Cook Yourself Thin.

The last book I picked up because it appears to focus on my biggest problem area… Belly Fat.  It is called Flat Belly Diet.

Now on to conquer the weekend (and birthday cake!)


Never judge a book by the cover

I picked up a book today and I thought it may be a good one.  It is called 100 Best Health Foods.  It just confirms that I really should eat seafood… but no I just can’t do it.  I did eat halibut the other day and although it was good I don’t think it will make its way into my typical diet.  Although if you are a seafood lover, you are set… Oysters, crawfish, monkfish (although even the picture was not appetizing to me), tuna, and crab made the list.  It has recipes in it, but some are really complicated.  I need simple.  I will try some though.  The Broccoli and Peanut Stir fry looked good and also the Chicken with Pistachios will be a must try.  I just hoped it would provide some major “Ah ha”s and it did not.

I guess I know what I should be eating, but I just don’t want to eat it.  I guess that is not a good thing, huh?

I am in search of a good diet book though with tasty recipes.  I will definitely let you know when I find it!