Never judge a book by the cover

I picked up a book today and I thought it may be a good one.  It is called 100 Best Health Foods.  It just confirms that I really should eat seafood… but no I just can’t do it.  I did eat halibut the other day and although it was good I don’t think it will make its way into my typical diet.  Although if you are a seafood lover, you are set… Oysters, crawfish, monkfish (although even the picture was not appetizing to me), tuna, and crab made the list.  It has recipes in it, but some are really complicated.  I need simple.  I will try some though.  The Broccoli and Peanut Stir fry looked good and also the Chicken with Pistachios will be a must try.  I just hoped it would provide some major “Ah ha”s and it did not.

I guess I know what I should be eating, but I just don’t want to eat it.  I guess that is not a good thing, huh?

I am in search of a good diet book though with tasty recipes.  I will definitely let you know when I find it!



Well Strive went well.  Nikki joined me on a night were she worked us out!  push ups, sit ups, and of course all the equipment.  It was a great workout!  My kids had fun at the kidzone until they realized that they missed pool play.  So lots of tears on the way home.   Thankfully, we pulled up when the ice cream man arrived.  So pool play was forgotten.

So those cupcakes added 2 pounds…174.  hmm.

Well, I am speechless.  I have lost 1 pound in 2 weeks.  That really sucks. Now the realist in me is telling myself that I did splurge a bit this weekend, but the idealist tells me that I should be further along than I am.  I need to look into some more diet adjustments.  I need to get better about small meals.  Today I did not eat until 1 pm.  I will give myself a slap on the wrist for that one.  So for this week, that is a goal to eat 6 small meals and make it to the gym at least 2 more times.  I am going to work on Nikki to go to Body Combat with me.  Any other takers?

My Late Night

It is 1:45 am.  I am still awake and taking a break from working on paperwork.  I thought it would be a good time to talk about a theory I have about why I gained weight this year.  They say that stress can make you heavier (i.e. eating to comfort) or make you skinny (too stressed to eat).  I am the former.  It has taken a great deal of will power not to snack as I worked.  I think that is why so many weight loss sites recommend going to bed early.  Less time awake means less time being tempted to eat.  It is also recommended to go to bed hungry.

I did have a bit to eat when I went to Bunco tonight.  So many tasty treats!  The best treat there was a baked brie!  It was beyond divine and low fat.  The girl who made it promised to share the recipe and I will promise to share it with you guys!  I did not know low fat could taste so good! Of course, I am now paying for my night of dice-rolling and fun by staying up late… It was worth it since I only have to make it through tomorrow and then I can go to sleep early tomorrow night.

Strive Time

Today I used a lot of will power.  We took the kids to Burger King on the way to the gym and I held back from ordering fries and a burger.  I was tempted, but in the end I went with the salad.  To top it off, I held back the urge to order the fried chicken on top  and got the grilled chicken instead.  This is a huge feat.  I also need to pat my own back, for also ordering water instead of the soda (I had my soda at lunch).  This is definitely a good sign, usually my will power will falter when I pull up to order, but I withstood.

At the gym, my husband came with me to my Strive class. I really love this class.  It combines cardio with weight training and is upbeat and the energy of all the other participants is great.  One class a week will definitely become part of my routine.  I just leave so happy (who would have believed I would say that).

I definitely think that today is one of those days where I really think I am making progress.

The Fall off the Wagon Hurts…

So I had  my first fall off of the wagon today.  We went to lunch with friends and as we sat down my husband ordered fries.  I thought, that I could have a few but a few turned into quite a bit.  Then the next order he asked for garlic fries… Oh too tempting.  So I fell, I just let myself enjoy the wondrous taste of them.  They were good.  We have not even made it to the party yet, and I am already off the wagon.  Now, to determine if I should hop back on or wait until tomorrow.  Of course there is another party tomorrow.  I am going to try to hop on the wagon again and think moderation.

This is why I have so many problems with structured diets like Weight Watchers and such.  When I start monitoring points or portion sizes, I just rebel.  It is the rebellious nature in me, I guess.  I just cannot stay on track.  So this time, I am really thinking of my weaknesses and trying to structure something that works for me.  One thing I started doing was trying to drink more water.  As I looked in the Family Circle magazine this month, I realized that the water with lemon I am drinking is supposed to help me with cellulite.  What an added bonus!  Yay!

The Hard Day

Days like today are why I am concentrating so hard on staying motivated.  Stress just takes all the energy from me… Stress is how I got to where I am today.

A rough day at work makes me just want to lay around and eat.  Seriously!  What I would not do for a Dr. Pepper.  I stuck to my one Dr. Pepper today and I am tired and a bit bitter.   Oh, and if you added fries… I may become orgasmic. My husband is working on fish sticks for dinner (which are baked and low fat).  I hate fish, but I may try it.  Fish would be good for the diet.  If I can’t do more than one stick, I will probably treat myself to a PB and J.

To top it off, my legs are still sore from the hundred lunges I did the other night in “Butts, Guts, and More.”  Ideally, I would have gone to the gym, but on days like today…that is the last place I want to go. So here is the problem, What to do?

I have three options… Maybe a little Wii Fit or Dance game?  Not really in the mood and my son would freak if I turned off Phineas and Ferb.

A walk?  Slightly more tempting, but not in the mood to change and my skirt would not be the best thing to power walk in.

Shake weight and sit ups?  That sounds like the right fit.  The Shake Weight is a funny story.  My husband sent me a U-Tube Video of the Shake Weight commercial as a joke, he thought that it looked phallic when women used it.  Of course I found the thing at Target, and now it is a fun way to torture him and work out my arms.  It is a pretty funny video and worth a looksie if you have not seen it yet. Here is the link…

Ah, Dynamic Inertia… Make my arms skinny again.

I am also going to do at least 30 sit ups.  A few years ago, 50 sit ups was nothing, but 30 has been enough lately (especially since my stomach muscles are still complaining from the class the other day).

Oh Vices, What a hold you have on me!

Today I thought about my food vices.  I have a lot of them… and I think I had them all today.  I think I will need to monitor that better.  I guess I will say to day was my splurge before the purge.

So here are my weaknesses (food vices that I know will torture me with longing as I limit them).

1. French Fries (especially McDonald’s).  Oh these are such a wonderful treasure.  They are such a weakness for me.  I am like a moth to a flame when it comes to picking these up as I head through the drive thru with the kids.

2.  Dr. Pepper:  I counted up to four cans a day a few weeks ago.  I am trying to limit myself to 1 can a day… but it is hard.

3. McDonald’s Caramel Frapps:  What a delectable wonder!  I enjoyed every drop I had at dinner!

4. Gummy bears:  I love Gold Label Gummy Bears.  Nothing is better than the white and green ones!

5. Movie Theater Popcorn:  I like lots of butter too!  Not worth it without the butter in my book!

If I am going to lose this weight I am going to have to limit these things to just a treat now and then… I am not sure my will power will be able to sustain it!

Although, one more Dr. Pepper won’t hurt tonight.  Tomorrow… only one (I promise).