The sun shines again.

I have to admit I was a bit down after my last weigh in.  I was not sure if this little experiment was working, but today’s weigh in was much better and put the smile back on my face.

I am 170!  The lowest weight yet! I guess it will just be a bit up and down, but I am glad I stuck with it. I was going to try out Body Combat (just so I knew what I was dragging Nikki to), but it was a Zumba day.  I felt bad just leaving so I stayed.  I really have no rhythm.  I think if I did Dancing with the Stars, I would be voted off first.  It is still fun and a good way to get a little aerobics into the day.  So I am just going to have to go blind into the class Friday.

I am on my last day of the cleanse and honestly I am not sure if it did anything.  I do think it was worth the try and I may try it again with the fast later in the summer, especially if I am making headway.


Good Intentions

So, since I was not so good with the whole exercise thing this weekend, I figured I needed to fit a little exercise in today.  Actually, I am a bit proud of myself because in the past I would have blown off the gym.  Not today, I ran home and changed and thought I had about an hour to fit in a little walk/run before my book club meeting tonight.  It was a great idea.  I packed stuff for the shower and headed over there with a good amount of time.  I found a nice treadmill and started my 2 mile walk/run and even got a good hundred pages of my new book in during it.  As the clock reached 6 pm, I realized I needed to get to the shower so I had enough time to run to Kroger’s to pick up something to bring tonight.

There is a reason I hated showering in gym class and now it is a reason to hate to shower at the gym.  I selected a shower and turned it on and as I stuck my head into the water…a terrible noise occured and then the cold water hit me.  What do you do in a situation like that?  I am sweaty and no doubt stink and I have to be at book club in less than an hour, so I decide to stand and wait for a minute.  No luck.  I turn off the shower and then turn it back on.  No luck, it is still freezing.  What I would have done for even lukewarm water at the time.  I figure the only thing to do is to take the cold shower.  It is a dance, really.  I survived, but not without a little nostalgia of cold rainwater showers at campgrounds and a bit of cursing.

I am thinking that this good intention was not very rewarding…but the Dr. Pepper I bought at Kroger did make up for the escapade.

So I did a weigh in to see if the whole moderation thing worked.  I am still 172 pounds, but at least I did not gain any weight and I did enjoy some yummy food (and a bit of cookie and cream fudge at work).  

The Hard Day

Days like today are why I am concentrating so hard on staying motivated.  Stress just takes all the energy from me… Stress is how I got to where I am today.

A rough day at work makes me just want to lay around and eat.  Seriously!  What I would not do for a Dr. Pepper.  I stuck to my one Dr. Pepper today and I am tired and a bit bitter.   Oh, and if you added fries… I may become orgasmic. My husband is working on fish sticks for dinner (which are baked and low fat).  I hate fish, but I may try it.  Fish would be good for the diet.  If I can’t do more than one stick, I will probably treat myself to a PB and J.

To top it off, my legs are still sore from the hundred lunges I did the other night in “Butts, Guts, and More.”  Ideally, I would have gone to the gym, but on days like today…that is the last place I want to go. So here is the problem, What to do?

I have three options… Maybe a little Wii Fit or Dance game?  Not really in the mood and my son would freak if I turned off Phineas and Ferb.

A walk?  Slightly more tempting, but not in the mood to change and my skirt would not be the best thing to power walk in.

Shake weight and sit ups?  That sounds like the right fit.  The Shake Weight is a funny story.  My husband sent me a U-Tube Video of the Shake Weight commercial as a joke, he thought that it looked phallic when women used it.  Of course I found the thing at Target, and now it is a fun way to torture him and work out my arms.  It is a pretty funny video and worth a looksie if you have not seen it yet. Here is the link…

Ah, Dynamic Inertia… Make my arms skinny again.

I am also going to do at least 30 sit ups.  A few years ago, 50 sit ups was nothing, but 30 has been enough lately (especially since my stomach muscles are still complaining from the class the other day).

Butts, Guts, and More (More means pain)

My second attempt at getting a normal gym routine.  Today I had a few choices of classes… “Butts, Guts and more”, Body combat, and yogalates.  Since I got out of work on time, I could make it to Butts, Guts and more, so that is the class I tried.  It kicked my ass.  Really.  My butt is sore.  I should have known it was going to kill me when we were doing lunges for a warm up.  There were times where my muscles were cursing me and I was cursing the clock.  The saddest part was that the class was cut by 15 minutes because they were taping the Body Combat class and had to set up the video camera.  On a side note… Someone was smiling down on me because I think the last thing I would want right now is to have my big butt taped.  Seriously, no one needs to have that on video!

My favorite part was the butt blast.  She said it looked a bit vulgar, and I am sure it did.  We placed weights on our hips (mine were the littlest weights I can find) and proceeded to lift our butts to her count.  The combo included lifting each side up one by one and then a lift upward.  I was by far the least coordinated there, but I have to admit it was a good class.  A perfect class to target the areas I need to reduce and tone.

As I left, I realized I forgot to weigh myself… Oh the horror.  I guess we all need to wait until the next time to find out if I have lost any weight yet!