Being tired and working out don’t mix

I made it to the gym, but was so tired I only made it on the elliptical for 1/2 hour.  Today working out was a challenge, and I could not believe that each time I looked at the clock it seemed like no time had passed.  It would seem that one should not work out when completely exhausted.  To many of you, this may seem like common sense, but I honestly thought it would be a good idea.  Since I had skipped the gym for the last 4 days, I thought it was only practical to get there today.  Alas, I will be going to bed shortly after this post to get a good amount of sleep.

The weigh in was pretty good, still 168.  So a little bit of a loss and no gain.  After this weekend, I will take it!


Butts, Guts, and More (More means pain)

My second attempt at getting a normal gym routine.  Today I had a few choices of classes… “Butts, Guts and more”, Body combat, and yogalates.  Since I got out of work on time, I could make it to Butts, Guts and more, so that is the class I tried.  It kicked my ass.  Really.  My butt is sore.  I should have known it was going to kill me when we were doing lunges for a warm up.  There were times where my muscles were cursing me and I was cursing the clock.  The saddest part was that the class was cut by 15 minutes because they were taping the Body Combat class and had to set up the video camera.  On a side note… Someone was smiling down on me because I think the last thing I would want right now is to have my big butt taped.  Seriously, no one needs to have that on video!

My favorite part was the butt blast.  She said it looked a bit vulgar, and I am sure it did.  We placed weights on our hips (mine were the littlest weights I can find) and proceeded to lift our butts to her count.  The combo included lifting each side up one by one and then a lift upward.  I was by far the least coordinated there, but I have to admit it was a good class.  A perfect class to target the areas I need to reduce and tone.

As I left, I realized I forgot to weigh myself… Oh the horror.  I guess we all need to wait until the next time to find out if I have lost any weight yet!

Where to start?

You gotta start somewhere, right?

I started with my gym membership.  We have a family membership that we pay way too much for and only gets used when the kids take a swim lesson or when one of my friends encourages me to take a class with them.

I decided I need to just go.  I am aiming for 3 times a week.  First thing I did was drop the kids off at the daycare and headed to the water fountain.  I was so proud of myself for my renewed efforts that I had purchased a cute little water bottle.  I guess my theory was if I carried this fancy water bottle, people would admire it rather than my huge butt.  Who knows if it worked.  Next to the water fountain is the scale.  It taunted me.  I have always believed that scales were evil, so we have never purchased a scale.  What good is it to harp on your weight?  It is how the clothes fit on you, right?

I convinced myself that if I was going to monitor my progress I needed to have a baseline though, so I conquered my fears and stepped on.  Immediately, I regretted this decision.  The number that flashed made me want to cry. 176.  That cannot be right, I thought.  Of course it wasn’t.  I was still holding the water bottle and the water bottle alone had to be 5 pounds at least!

So I put the bottle down and stepped on it again.  I was a bit disappointed that it only weighed a pound.  Ladies and Gentleman… I weigh 175 pounds.  My dress size is a 14, although I still smash myself into a 12 whenever possible.  So this is my starting point.