Plans for the gym derailed by Jello

I had plans to do the elliptical at the gym today, but the great Jello incident has put them on the back burner.  Instead I am doing a whole house cleaning.  I decided to get dressed and take a shower after lunch and the kids had Jello for dessert.  Usually, the kids are pretty good with eating their Jello at the table, but today my son thought it would be a good idea to eat it in the family room.  So far, this does not sound like a story that will end in tragedy, but it does.  The Jello died a sad death in the family room.  I think it must have fought for its life since it was everywhere; smeared on the hardwoods, smashed on the rug, and even slaughtered on the couch.  So today, I am cleaning.  The kids are cleaning…to get the point across.   So the gym can wait, and I just have to hope that this hardcore cleaning will burn some calories.