Good Intentions

So, since I was not so good with the whole exercise thing this weekend, I figured I needed to fit a little exercise in today.  Actually, I am a bit proud of myself because in the past I would have blown off the gym.  Not today, I ran home and changed and thought I had about an hour to fit in a little walk/run before my book club meeting tonight.  It was a great idea.  I packed stuff for the shower and headed over there with a good amount of time.  I found a nice treadmill and started my 2 mile walk/run and even got a good hundred pages of my new book in during it.  As the clock reached 6 pm, I realized I needed to get to the shower so I had enough time to run to Kroger’s to pick up something to bring tonight.

There is a reason I hated showering in gym class and now it is a reason to hate to shower at the gym.  I selected a shower and turned it on and as I stuck my head into the water…a terrible noise occured and then the cold water hit me.  What do you do in a situation like that?  I am sweaty and no doubt stink and I have to be at book club in less than an hour, so I decide to stand and wait for a minute.  No luck.  I turn off the shower and then turn it back on.  No luck, it is still freezing.  What I would have done for even lukewarm water at the time.  I figure the only thing to do is to take the cold shower.  It is a dance, really.  I survived, but not without a little nostalgia of cold rainwater showers at campgrounds and a bit of cursing.

I am thinking that this good intention was not very rewarding…but the Dr. Pepper I bought at Kroger did make up for the escapade.

So I did a weigh in to see if the whole moderation thing worked.  I am still 172 pounds, but at least I did not gain any weight and I did enjoy some yummy food (and a bit of cookie and cream fudge at work).