It’s funny…

It is funny, but now that I have lost weight and I have to put up my bigger clothes (size 14), I am a bit saddened. As I fold them, I am think about how much I loved those pants or skirt. I am so happy to fit back into some clothes I have not been able to wear since before I had kids, but there is still a little saddness for the clothes that I have been wearing.
I know that seems silly, but it is true.
Has anyone else had these mixed feelings before?


The fruits of my labor

Today was the first time I really felt the difference of what I have been doing.  I wore a skirt that was usually tight and it fit great and a shirt I have not been able to wear in a year because I hated how tight it was around the waist.  It did not pull like it used to and I am so glad I just tried it on to see today!  Hell, I even wore a bathing suit today and thought that it fit better as well.  It made all this work worth it!

In honor of my better fitting clothes, I think I will hit Body Combat again tomorrow (since I did falter a bit on the diet today).