The Weekend Roadtrip!

We are taking our first trip since starting my endevor, a trip to my parent’s house.  Anytime I go on the road a new set of challenges arises…really there is a loss of control that I accept.  At home I can determine what is in the pantry and what to serve for breakfast.  When you travel, there is a loss of control.

On the road, when the kids are hungry you stop, and you are at the mercy of the choices on that exit, for the most part it is fast food. The question posed to the car is “McDonald’s or Burger King, guys?”  The kids voted for McDonald’s, so off we went.  When I can’t get a hamburger, the choices decrease exponentially.  I went for eating less.  It is easier to have will power, when you eat at home.  Just ask my husband who cannot say no to a McDonald’s Apple Pie (or two).

At my parent’s house you are at the mercy of what is served.  My dad makes a fantastic breakfast…eggs, bacon, rice.  Yummy.  I had a little of all of it, but I would have loved to have a 2nd helping of the bacon.  Especially, when he held up the plate and said there are 2 more left, anyone!  “Me! Me! Me!,” the inner chubby girl yelled (who am I kidding there is no inner chubby girl she is in plain sight).   By the way, I did not take the bacon, small victory!   I will take all the victories I can.

The other bit of control I lose leaving town is the loss of my gym.  Once out of town, there is no class to go to, working out has to planned and researched.  Finding time for working out is not as easy, especially when there are other activities planned and time to spend with loved ones you do not see on a daily basis.  The whole idea of a vacation is a break from reality, so does that mean a break from working out as well.  My first thought is “of course!”  The me that wants to lose weight nags “no, you must keep with the routine.”   What choices are at my parent’s gym?  Do they have a gym?  Well, this visit will involve a lot of walking on an insanely hot day, so I think I am going to be alright.  If I don’t lose weight from the walking, I will sweat it out from the heat.

We are joining my parents for the craft show their little town holds twice a year.  You know what they have at festivals….that is right, the best food on earth!  Elephant Ears, funnel cake,those curly potato chip things, cotton candy, ice cream, frozen chocolate covered bananas…Oh I can go on.   Can you tell what I have been thinking about.  Yes, today will be a test and I am only aiming for a “C.”   Oh, I know I will have to partake in something today…my guess is I will be hypnotized by the funnel cakes.  Well, time to get dressed and go down to the fair.


Drumroll Please…

I weighed myself at the gym today and I have lost 3 pounds.  So my updated weight is 172.  My husband has lost weight too…just joining me in my efforts.

I power-walked 2 miles and did 40 sit ups.  That is it for the day.  It is a 3 day weekend so no working out too hard. hehe  Tomorrow we have a party and it conflicts with body combat so it looks like I need to think of something else to do… since beer and the treats there are surely not on the diet.  That is the trouble with dieting, I hate when people tell me they can’t have something because they are dieting.  I am not talking about if it is for medical reasons or low sodium kinds of diets… I mean the losing weight kinds.  I do not want to be that person so I am trying out the moderation approach.  I should be able to have anything in moderation, right?  I guess we will see what the scale says after this weekend to get a final call on this.

Now I get to take my kids to the pool for their reward for going to the Kidzone without too much complaining (they were mad because they missed pool play).