45 minutes and 3 miles

I thought I did really well at the gym today.  I did 2 miles on the elliptical and another mile on the treadmill in 45 minutes.  I have not timed myself before, but that seems pretty good to me.  I did another weigh in and I am 169.  So a little weight back, but still seems like I am holding steady.  I think that is pretty good since I have still remained lax about the diet lately.  I have remembered breakfast though, and that was a goal.

Yesterday, I babysat some of fav0rite kids and decided to make cookies.  Once they were made it was too hard not to have 1 or 2 (okay 5).  So as you see, 1 extra pound isn’t so bad, considering that I also went out for drinks with some girlfriends after.


Yay for Today!

Saturdays are wonderful anyway… but today has been spectacular! It started off as any other day does, kids waking me up, making breakfast, etc.

We went to a kids activity at Lowe’s and since I was so close to the gym I thought I would get in some time on the elliptical after… I am going to a party with friends later (I knew I would eat and drink things that I probably shouldn’t) so I wanted to get some time in to offset the extra calories I am sure to have.

I decided I should weigh in and I am now 168! Yay!  Two more pounds.  I am so close to my weight before my son.

After the gym, I had to go to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for a triffle I am making for the party tonight.  When I was there I went to pick up my new favorite drink, Method Water.  It is expensive, but I love the mint and without soda, I love having the water bottles to bring with me when I leave for the day. When I was there I found another treasure!  Diet Soda without Nutrasweet!

Many of you may not know that I had to give up Diet Soda.  While pregnant I never had a migraine, so after looking closer to the changes I went though with pregnancy, we realized that I only got migraines when I consumed Nutrasweet.  I tried taking it out of my diet to see if this hypothesis was right.  This lead to drinking regular soda…at the same rate I drank diet soda.  It equaled to at least 10 pounds, but no more headaches.

Well I found a soda called Zevia (only negative is the price 5.99 for 6).  No nutrasweet and wonderfully delicious!  I am now enjoying my soda and smiling.  Today is a good day.

Slow but steady progress

First I want to thank my friend Jenny for telling me my legs look thinner…bless you!

Now on to my day… I tried on a size 12 skirt that I have not been able to wear for a while and it fit… barely.  I still wore it though.  It was tighter after lunch, but I still see it as a victory!  I fit in a little walk on the treadmill before picking the kids up today.  I figured I needed to work off my lunch.  Of course, I think I sweat out another pound transporting kids books up to the attic once I got home.  It was crazy hot here today!  I thank god for my gym membership.

Did a little weigh in and I am still 170 pounds.  Hmmm.  How do you get over the plateau… I guess the first thing I need to do is to stop cheating on my diet.  Secondly, I need to get better with going to the gym at least 3 days of the week.  Of course, I would love ideas from anyone…

Oh BodyFlow…

Dear BodyFlow…

Why do I forget how you hurt me every time I come to see you?  I really think I pulled a muscle that I did not know existed.  How can you be so rough on my body?  I don’t remember being this much in pain with you sister Yoga.  I know it is good for me to visit, but the lasting gift of soreness often keeps me away.



P.S.  Sent a picture of me in the class.  hehe

On a great note… After enjoying a wonderful weekend and some wonderful food….I did not gain a single ounce!  Yay!

Welcome Monday!

The Strive instructor was on a mission tonight.  She wanted us to push ourselves and so I am nice and sweaty!  It was a great workout tonight… I only wish I could report that I lost some more weight… 171.  I contribute the extra pound to my dinner I ate before I went to the gym though.

Tonight I am going to make some Sassy Water. It is a part of the 4-day Anti-Bloat Jumpstart featured in the book Flat Belly Diet. You are supposed to make a fresh batch daily as a way to stay hydrated and calm the digestive system.

All you need is 2 liters of water, 1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger (no substitutions for powdered), 1 medium cucumber peeled and thinly sliced, I lemon, and 12 spearmint leaves.  Put all ingredients together and leave overnight.

This jumpstart is supposed to shrink the middle fast and get you off the ground with confidence.  I guess we will see, since this is a target area I thought I would try this diet first.  We tried one recipe from the book last night…Indian Chicken in Cashew- Cilantro Sauce.  It had a really good flavor.  The kids did not like the green sauce, but Scott and I liked it and would make it again. We bought ingredients for two other recipes to try.  Hopefully we will try them out this week.

A new leaf, hopefully!

So I checked out Body Combat tonight.  I really enjoyed the class even though the first half of the class I had to deal with cramps in my feet.  Really, the rest of me did well, but not my feet and they cramped up during the warm up, so I looked like I could not even handle that.  They loosened up about halfway through so I gave a better showing toward the end.  The poor instructor was having a time with the music tonight, and I took it as a blessing from a higher power!  Those little breaks while she messed with the ipod were heavenly… I almost worry that when I go next time I am going to really die.

I checked my weight and I am holding steady at 170! So that was a great surprise (after the margarita I had the other night).  I also felt good this time.  I was not as winded and I had better stamina.  I am starting to feel like I am making a difference with my endurance, which was another nice treat tonight.

I had a bit of time between work and the class, so I picked up 3 diet books.  I am going to check them both out and give reviews soon after I try out some recipes.  The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer cookbook was a real steal at $5!  I also picked up a book I have been looking at for awhile… Cook Yourself Thin.

The last book I picked up because it appears to focus on my biggest problem area… Belly Fat.  It is called Flat Belly Diet.

Now on to conquer the weekend (and birthday cake!)

The sun shines again.

I have to admit I was a bit down after my last weigh in.  I was not sure if this little experiment was working, but today’s weigh in was much better and put the smile back on my face.

I am 170!  The lowest weight yet! I guess it will just be a bit up and down, but I am glad I stuck with it. I was going to try out Body Combat (just so I knew what I was dragging Nikki to), but it was a Zumba day.  I felt bad just leaving so I stayed.  I really have no rhythm.  I think if I did Dancing with the Stars, I would be voted off first.  It is still fun and a good way to get a little aerobics into the day.  So I am just going to have to go blind into the class Friday.

I am on my last day of the cleanse and honestly I am not sure if it did anything.  I do think it was worth the try and I may try it again with the fast later in the summer, especially if I am making headway.